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More efficiency through an Odoo tutorial

We are happy to train you and your employees to all Odoo specific topics.

The daily work always makes greater demands on companies and their employees. For this reason it is important to be able to use the existing work tools effectively. Just an ERP system should significantly help to optimize the working processes and maximize business productivity. However, this requires a trained user who has the necessary know-how. We are happy to support you and train you and your staff for all Odoo-specific topics. As regards the use of Odoo we also provide entire consulting and services for the implementation and operation of Odoo.

Odoo tutorial adapted to your needs. We train you to exactly the extent and the areas of Odoo, which are of interest to you. We offer this to training for users, or for employees of IT who want to perform even adjustments to Odoo. We focus entirely on your individual requirements and therefore offer both individual training and group training for Odoo on. Talk to us, we create an individual training concept.

Odoo help by specialists. Our staff, who organize Odoo training, are specially designed by
trained and trained professionals. After successfully completing Odoo training, students will receive a certificate confirming their skills in using Odoo.

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How does Odoo training work?

The training courses of IT IS AG are characterized by a small class size, which guarantees an individual approach to each participant. The training is specially adapted to your needs and very target group oriented. It is divided into a basic training for all users of Odoo and an administrator training for key users, in which further, system-administrative processes are taught.

Stupid lectures are not with us. The training takes place interactively and thus becomes sustainable. In addition, each participant receives training materials that help in the ongoing handling of Odoo.

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We provide trainings for all actual versions Odoo 11 Enterprise and Odoo 11 Community, Odoo 10 Enterprise and Odoo 10 Community, we also provide you skills about Version Odoo 9 Enterprise, Odoo 9 Community, Odoo 8 Enterprise and Odoo 8 Community.

Alfresco training and Zimbra training

Since we also have the document management system Alfresco and the mail and groupware solution Zimbra in our product portfolio in addition to Odoo, we also offer help in dealing with Alfresco and Zimbra. When connecting Odoo and Alfresco or Odoo and Zimbra, Alfresco training or Zimbra training is particularly useful.

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Alfresco training

IT IS AG also offers training courses for the open source software Alfresco.

The Alfresco document management system lets you organize mission-critical documents and information. Provided in the context, they help you to work more efficiently. In addition, Alfresco, with its excellent collaboration component, is perfect for sharing workflows, enterprise processes, portal functions, and wikis. Alfresco combines enterprise content management and business process management in an open source solution. Due to the open-source nature of the DMS software, customer-specific adaptations can be made by IT IS AG. For the connection of Alfresco with Odoo we have already developed an Odoo module.

In an Alfresco training course, you and your employees learn the optimal handling of Alfresco from an experienced ERP professional in a practice-oriented way.

Learn here more about Alfresco and Alfresco training...

Zimbra training

IT IS AG also offers training courses for the open source program Zimbra.

With the Zimbra email client, you can do your daily work with mails both online and offline in the browser or in a desktop application and in a mobile application. Use convenient and intuitive keyboard shortcuts to write and organize your emails quickly and easily. Attachments are in one file structure managed. An extensive Contact and distribution management is at your disposal as well as one calendar and task management. The Zimbra Groupware client enables you to share processes with other users for better collaboration. A connection with other systems such as Odoo is provided by IT IS AG.

For all of these features, Zimbra training demonstrates how to work effectively with Zimbra. We also offer Zimbra training for Zimbra administrators.

Here you get an overview of Zimbra ...

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        Odoo is web based, which means you can use it through a standard browser. The different users have their own user accounts, which should be blocked with high-quality passwords.

        But even offline, you can access Odoo through the POS system after you need a short internet connection to start.